Can Be Applied to Rust

No Cracking or Peeling

Rust-Anode® is a single pack cold galvanizing with a 4 year pot life. It is not a paint, a true galvanizing protection identical to hot dip galvanizing. Contains 96% zinc in the dry film, electrochemical bond to the steel surface, acts as an active coupling to the steel surface, forms a layer of iron hydroxide between Rust-Anode® & the steel surface acting as an oxidation transformer or inhibitor preventing any further rust spread or formation. Full marine and military approvals.

Rust-Anode® performs a three-in-one protection with triple economy:

  • Saves you time and money
  • Master of your own destiny
  • No product cuing
  • No additional transport costs
  • Saving crane hire
  • Can be applied to Rust
  • Total Adhesion 13mPa pull off
  • Follows dilation of steel
  • No cracking or peeling
  • 4200 hours salt spray
  • UV has no effect
  • Resists 100% HCI acid
  • Withstands – 40°C to +250°C
  • Handles pH of 4 – 12.5
  • Recharges old hot galvanizing
  • Rust-Anode® outperforms hot dip galvanizing or any anti corrosion paint.